reasons of premature ejaculation

reasons of premature ejaculation

reasons of premature ejaculation is Brain and spinal cord inter-neurons that empathy “fight or flight” that “premature ejaculation or erection clearance” to sexual function recharging nerve bio electrical brain serotonin levels in the autonomous function of the lack of harmonization of the switch. Over-conversion empathy serotonin deficiency “fight and flight” mood swings, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and may help the Adrenalin (epinephrine) for the dopamine / nor epinephrine runs. It also produces ADD and ADHD.


Brain and nerve synaptic oxyacetylene level communications,

reasons of premature ejaculation
reasons of premature ejaculation

sensing and associated organs, including the sexual organs in building state nervous energy necessary for recharging constraints.Impotence and premature ejaculation, weak erection that triggers when you have a shortage of acetylcholine results “exercise” your PC / prostate to help build your muscles. It nitric oxide (build neurotransmitters), DHEA, androstenedione and testosterone deficiency, resulting in liver, adrenal and testicular functions deactivated. The lack of the hormone in the brain, resulting in symptoms of male menopause.

The lack of dopamine in the brain, brain / pituitary-testicular and -thyroid will kill tasks. As a result, you will experience testosterone deficiency, lose your masculinity, your penis shrink and lose their confidence.

Prostate ejaculation ducts and through the vision of immediate urgency ejaculation erection and immediate ejaculation neuromuscular stimulation on the end result, hearing, touching or vaginal penetration is extremely low friction of the serotonin. It inflates the size of the prostate and prostate and urinary control weak fundamental emission. Normally, to repair the damaged nerve endings to shrink an enlarged prostate can be done in a month, while it may take 3-12 months.

Masturbation excessive testosterone

The vagus nerve to invest consistently over-discharge of the brain responsible for empathy responses promotes martial arts training as intuitive spontaneous ejaculation, the prostate have been trained for reflection.

By over-secretion glands bulborethral former co – former co propagandist E-2 that ripening or ejaculation duct / valve during delivery of pregnant women as it does for the opening of the cervix, stimulates. My personal experience: eliminating or reducing CO 2 or 3 hours before sexual intercourse to prolong or multiple orgasms without ejaculation may be. For 2 or 3 hours to prolong an erection, these hormones (DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone and estrogen) and requires a lot of neurochemicals to burn; Otherwise, Ling will go numb and limp after an hour.


and DHT receptors than their prostate sexual urgency that trap too much testosterone and DHT to your prostate helps to develop heat.Practice bulborethral PC muscle exercises will stimulate the glands to produce more and thus per-cum, semen secretion cook (uncovered) prostate ejaculation duct / valve trigger. This exercise is good for women, for men, but worse.

The production capacity of prostaglandin E -1 (PGE-1) neurochemicals and hormones, lack of – PGE-1 penile spongy tissue to relax and a hard erection that enhances nerve action block the urethra / prostate ejaculation sensory nerves and seals off duct / valve. PGE-1 is a long, hard erection if there PGE-2 or pre-cum, or the lack of pressure that blocks the beneficial inadequate penis / prostate nerve transmission and numb the penis for several hours without ejaculation (which can cause or at no semen) imposed by the seminal vesicles. My personal experience: by the PGE -1 hour to numb the penis when bulborethral urethral glands will not discharge in pre-cum is very easy. Thus, out of the urethra and the glans hard erection sensory nerves are black!

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