premature ejaculation in men

premature ejaculation in men .according to21st century theory such quite general today among the man population pathology as a premature ejaculation is the defect of functional confusion on different size of the nerves  rule. So as practice specialist distinguish the so called structure conjugate with pathological change in the middle nervous shape and early ejaculation caused by dysfunction early never closing. (include sensitivity of the glans).(premature-ejaculation in men)

in the Opportunity of the Avatars of early ejaculation are main psychogenic factors. most dreadful. for example when Apply young person as a teenager sexual intercourse taking position in a To hasten because of a scare  of being caught unawares.

premature ejaculation in men
premature ejaculation in men

In adults the very common interpersonal factors

In adults the very common interpersonal factors. It should be noted lack of belief  between sexual partners, Dissatisfaction with love life the failure  to resolve any dispute the fear of a loving and sexual relationship  and sexual role conflicts.

premature ejaculation in men

Are there meaning and psychological element such as a presser excessive anxiety, guilt pressure unrealistic expectations  for their self Sexual activity history of Sexual coercion in childhood and a common  lack of confidence.

It is also only a few cases after a long period of time after the last ejaculation either sex with a new partner in the early onset of ejaculation is possible. In principle, it is quite common phenomenon as psychological factors and environmental causes of premature ejaculation Dapoxetine pills are online. early  ejaculation often takes place in the background of a strong sexual arousal.

The causes of early ejaculation can be artificial  by feelings . need of communication Between sexual partner unresolved  dispute that prevent the success of emotional closeness.

Scientists considered and premature ejaculation in relation to certain forms of genetic relationship. Thus, in one study, 91% of men suffer from early ejaculation released the experiment of a lifetime, according to the life of early ejaculation close relatives (the first line of kinship) were. Other observations have revealed the diagnosis of patients with pelvic muscles have a faster neurological response.

In some Conditions reasons of premature ejaculation happen in the background organic pathology (diseases, injuries) hormonal imbalance a side effect of the use of certain medications or deletion.



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