Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan-Hastmaithun Se Kya Hota Hail

Hastmaithun ye koi bura kaam nhi hai.Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan ise insan tab karta hai jab use sex karne ki icha hoti hai aur koi partner nhi hota hai. is se sexual relef milta hai. shadi shuda gair shadi shuda mard aurte kabhi na kabhi hastmaithun krti hi hai. is se aam taor se koi noksan nhi hota hai lekis is ke bhot sare nuksanat bhi hai jo kabhi kabhi samne ajate hai. masturbution ye lafz sunte hi aap kya sichne lagte hai ye hame pata hai. aap apni soch ka ghoda kaha tak dhauda liye hoge.

Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan -Hastmaithun Se Kya Hota Hail

masturbution ya handjob ya muth marna sab ek hi hai. aap ne bhot logo se suna hoga ki muth marne se kuch nhi hota hai. masturbution ke noksanat bhi nhi hai. magar mai aap ko aaj ek bhot bada such batane jaraha hu . jis se aapki galat fahmi door hojaygi. darasal muth marne ke bhot sare nuksanat hai. jis ka aapki life me bhot bura asar padhta hai.hastmaithun jise log kahte hai ye ek natural prakirya hai. bhot se animals bhi masturbaution krte hai. to hum insan ko isse kya nuksan.dosto aysa bilkul bhi nhi hai.mai aaj aap ki side effect of  masturbution batane jarahu ummid hai ki aap ko isse bhot fayda hoga.

Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan

Hastmaithun ke noksanat

Side Effects of Masturbation

Use Of energy

ye mushtzani ke nuksanat me s nhi hai lekin masturbation karne se bhot ziyada energy use hoti hai. jis se badan me kazori ajati hai. mardo me iska bada asar dekha jata hai ki masturbation ke baad mard ekdam dhila padh jata hai uski bhot sari taqat barbad hojati hai . aur aysa lagatar hone se unme kamzori bhi aasakti hai.


Hastmaithun ki lat se insan ki body me bhot sari tabdiliya hoti hai. mastubution kisi nashili dawa use karne se kam nhi hai. daily masturbution karne se mard self pleasure ka shekar hojata hai. hal ki tahkik me ye sabit hua hai. ki ye aane wali sex life (shadi shuda zindagi) ke liye bhot badi musibat ban jati hai.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction ki sab se badi wajahmushtzani hosakti hai. Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan me ye ek bhi shamil hai. is se aap erectile dysfunction ke shikar hosakte hai.

Neurological Concern

Neurological Concern purushon ke atyadhik hastamaithun se nikatata se sambandhit hain. hastamaithun ke oopar vrddh purushon mein kaee gambheer nyoorolojikal samasyaon ke saath juda hua hai.

Premature ejaculation

Bhot ziyada musht zani se mard premature ejaculation ka shikar hojata hai . is se uski sex timing pr bura asar padhta hai. lagatar mushtzani se Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan me ye ek noksan sab se upar hai is se aap agar kisi aurat ke sath sex karte hai to aap lambe samay tak sex nhi karpayge aap mushkil se 1 se 2 mints hi tik payege.

bhot ziyada neend lagna

is se aapko bhot ziyada neend ayegi aap agar koi kaam karne jarahe hai to aap unghne lage ge ye aap ke liye bhot hi bura sabit hoga. bhot ziyada mushtzani se aap ko din me kisi bhi samay neend lag sakti hai. aap agar na soye to aap unghne lagte ho jis se aap ka man  kahi nhi lagta.

Hair loss

masutbution ki sab se khatarnaak nuksan ye hai ki aap waqt se pahle hi aya ziyad miqdar me aap ka baal kam hone lage ga.agar aap haftah me 6 se 7 baar muth marte hai to aap ke baal jhadne lagte hai. jis ka asar aap dekh sake ge ki aap ka baal kam horahe hai.

Memory loss

Hastmaithun Ke Nuksan me ye ek nuksan bhi hai ki aap kiyaddasht kamzor hone lagegi . aap kisi bhi chiz ko ansani se yaad nhi rakh pao ge. aap ko bhulne ki bimari ka samna karna padhega.

Sex krne ka man nhi hona

Agar aap bhot ziyad mastubution karte hai to aage chal ke aap ka sex karne ka zara bhi mann nhi hoga. aap ki body se testostiron ki matra kam hjaygi jis se aap sex me ziyad intreast nhi lepayge.


ek study se ye sabit hua hai ki jo hafte me 6 – 7 baar mushtzani karta hai use me waqt se pahle umr ka ziyad dikhyi dene lagta hai.

How to Stop Nightfall

How to Stop Nightfall ? this is a very common question because occurring due to sexual thoughts in dreams like, a girl giving me handjob or blowjob or I am having sex with a girl.Nightfall  is a situation which many men be upset from during their teenage year. When a man ejaculates involuntarily in sleep usually in the late night or early hours of morning, he is said to suffer from nightfall or wet dreams. Nightfall is also called night discharge.

How to Stop Nightfall
How to Stop Nightfall

It is a frustrating problem for often the young adult fails to understand why such a thing is happening to him. It is also quite an embarrassing problem for the men’s, for he cannot discuss the matter with his parents or any of his friends. Actually a male sexual system can hold a certain maximum amount of semen. If a man does not ejaculate from time to time and the maximum level is reached, the body gets rid of the surplus semen in the form of nightfall.

What is Nightfall or Nocturnal Emission?

During sleep the night or wet dreams ejaculation problem is known as the problem. It also called nocturnal emission or discharge night. This problem, however, this problem in women through vaginal lubrication can occur in men is thicker. The problem is mostly just shortly after puberty occurs at a young age. In some cases, a building can be without ejaculation.

Generally people wake up during or after the procedure. After the emission of semen in Mali, very rarely, urine may also occur. Most night with erotic dreams. Although wet dreams medical reason for the problem is not well known, highly thought of sex affecting the problem.

  • this  can make a male impotent by damaging the reproductive system.
  • It can damage the male fertility by reducing the sperm count.
  • It can give rise to psychological issues which can affect the life, for example anger, mood swings, and guilt.
  • Also, it is capable to lead a male to various shameful weaknesses, for example weak erections, untimely ejaculations or no ejaculation at all, and semen leakage.

Causes for Nightfall

When individual’s semen does not ejaculated via other ways, and then it gets ejaculated through this way, since no body can store the semen for long time. Another main reason is the Romantic, vulgar films, porn pictures, sex stories, vulgar talks and the visit of sex sites on the internet. The romantic time that has been passed with a girl, in that there had been intense desire of intercourse which have not bee fulfilled. Therefore; in Night Fall, individual fulfills his desire naturally.  Soft bed, tight pent and underwear could also be the reason. Don’t pass urine before going to bed or holding urine while asleep could also be the reason.

How to Stop Nightfall

don’t watch porn videos or avoid watching  porn

How to Stop Nightfall
How to Stop Nightfall

the biggest reason is getting wet dreams is because men watch to much of porn when it is time to sleep not watch anything which arouses you sexually it is best pray to god before sleeping because that will help you to sleep peacefully. the best home remedy is avoid watching porn .and forget this think if you if you want get rid a problem you will have to say goodbye porn or titillating images pray to god and  think of pure things.

use gooseberry  (AMLA)

How to Stop Nightfall

if you want stop nightfall starting a use of gooseberry if you use daily decrease your nightfall .gooseberry is improve your immunity system.it help getting rid of the toxins from your body if you intake two and three glasses of gooseberry juice in a day you will feel  differences  in your health your if you want finish this problem try it and see benefits .

Milk with Other Ingredients

How to Stop Nightfall

if you finish this problem so before sleeping take a milk with other ingredients as like ginger and presoaked almonds to a hot glass of milk or take several bananas and a glass of hot milk before bedtime. Alternatively, take 2-3 cups of curds before going to bed to cool your body system.

Change your dress code

If your sleeping dress is tight so change this because the main causes of nightfall is a fit dresses and underwear. this is prove of science research.because if you use fit and slim dress and underwear so slow your blood flow. and its direct effect your sexual systems.

Change Your Lifestyle

The easiest way to stop nightfall is to change your lifestyle including your diet and habits. Identify the aspects of your lifestyle that lead to wet dreams and change or eliminate them. One of the lifestyle changes that can help you stop nightfall is stopping nasty fantasies from your thoughts. Avoid watching porn movies andnude photos. Other lifestyles that will help you stop nightfall include stopping or reducing the frequency of masturbation.

If you want use any medicines for stop night fall many medicines are available in market. but see that’s medicine side effect and expiry date ext . many medicine are available in market as like NF Cure ,ultimate nightfall cure, Nofall, and many tablets are available in market.